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Interior Design Trends for 2032

Trends are great, but when it comes to your home you also want your interiors to last the test of time.

This year natural stone slabs are a big deal. And lets be honest, they’ve been a big thing for a few years now so bringing this into your home would be a good move. Natural stone is such a beautiful versatile material. Every piece is unique, so no matter the colour of your kitchen you’ll always find a slab to match! its not just for the work tops, get it up your walls and around your islands. It’s stunning stuff.

When it comes to colours think nature. Earth tones such as greens, blues and browns. You’ll also notice a lot of folklore patterns. Linwood Fabrics have recently released their new fabric collection small prints which is a stunning collection of printed linen. https://linwoodfabric.com/collections/small-prints

The enclosed living areas have now come back around. People are now moving back to having their kitchens separate to their lounge. And I must admit. After spending Christmas at a house that was open plan I couldn’t wait to get home to sit in my lounge whilst the kids made a ruckus in the kitchen! like most parents…I needed a bit of alone time!

I am soooo excited to hear that stripes are on the rise. You can be bold with stripes by going for a statement wall. Or add a stripe through your soft finishes.

Gold is apparently back forever! you can add touches of gold throughout your home by introducing items such as handles and lighting. A quick easy way to give your kitchen a face lift is by changing your handles! give it a go.

So there’s a little list for you to get going. But always remember. your house is your home. Don’t loose YOU.

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