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How To Survive The Summer Holidays at Home

Get Creative with Your Space!

Let’s face it. Summer holidays trigger a few emotions in parents. Stress, Anxiety, excitement, Joy…basically all emotions in one sitting. But you don’t have a suffer at home! One thing us parents need is an area where we can chill out.

When it comes to designing homes one hugely important thing (if it’s for a family) is to ensure there are areas where parents can have some free time.
You don’t have to overthink it, it can be as easy as adding an armchair to your kitchen, buy a snuggly cover for your bed that you can get under and enjoy whilst the kids are downstairs watching a film you’ve seen 5000 times.
Create a nook and fill it with items you love, photo frames, plants, and anything that makes you happy.
We all enjoy our children, but there are days when you just need a break for a few minutes.
A kitchen is a great place for a cozy nook. You can create one with fitted furniture, purchase an armchair, buy dining chairs that are upholstered so they are more comfortable, add a bench if you have a table up against a wall, and make it feel more inviting by adding cushions.
If you have space under the stairs this is another area you could claim!
Get creative and have fun with it.

Here are some examples of areas that have been created to help our clients get that cozy area.

If you are based in Yorkshire, why not head over to Redbrick Mill to find your all important chill out chair. You know you deserve it!

I hope you all have a fantastic Summer.

Purchase a funky cushion
Dont be affraid of patterns
Or shapes!
Bespoke benches are a great place to chill
Colour is key!

Why invest in Fitted Furniture, It’s Beautiful!

Discover the possibilities!

A huge part of our job is to ensure that our clients get the best out of their space. Be it commercial or residential clients, storage is one of the biggest items we concentrate on along with the design. This is why bespoke fitted furniture is is so important.

Bespoke joinery ensures that you get maximum use out of an awkward space. It also means that you can be as creative as you want! It’s an exciting process.

The variety of finishes is huge! but don’t let this deter you, that’s where we come in to encourage you to use your imagination. Storage has a job, but it doesn’t

There are a few finishes available, this enables us to create a bespoke piece that fits in with the age of your property and the aesthetic you are wanting to achieve. 

Theres are:

  • MR MDF (Moisture resistant MDF) which gives a smooth painted finish.
  • Solid Timber or Veneer which gives you the wood grain feature
  • Malimine which is your contemporary laminated finish gives you a huge choice of styles.

For some design inspriation of these finishes take a look at Formica and Polyrey.



We have been designing fitted furniture for all sorts of areas. Take a look at some of our projects:

Or for more items check out our Instgram page:

Sitting room open Shelves in Oak Veneer
Cloak Room in lacquered veneer
Bedroom Furniture with cupboard space, TV and desk area in Laminate
Media Unit in Wood look Laminate