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How To Survive The Summer Holidays at Home

Get Creative with Your Space!

Let’s face it. Summer holidays trigger a few emotions in parents. Stress, Anxiety, excitement, Joy…basically all emotions in one sitting. But you don’t have a suffer at home! One thing us parents need is an area where we can chill out.

When it comes to designing homes one hugely important thing (if it’s for a family) is to ensure there are areas where parents can have some free time.
You don’t have to overthink it, it can be as easy as adding an armchair to your kitchen, buy a snuggly cover for your bed that you can get under and enjoy whilst the kids are downstairs watching a film you’ve seen 5000 times.
Create a nook and fill it with items you love, photo frames, plants, and anything that makes you happy.
We all enjoy our children, but there are days when you just need a break for a few minutes.
A kitchen is a great place for a cozy nook. You can create one with fitted furniture, purchase an armchair, buy dining chairs that are upholstered so they are more comfortable, add a bench if you have a table up against a wall, and make it feel more inviting by adding cushions.
If you have space under the stairs this is another area you could claim!
Get creative and have fun with it.

Here are some examples of areas that have been created to help our clients get that cozy area.

If you are based in Yorkshire, why not head over to Redbrick Mill to find your all important chill out chair. You know you deserve it!

I hope you all have a fantastic Summer.

Purchase a funky cushion
Dont be affraid of patterns
Or shapes!
Bespoke benches are a great place to chill
Colour is key!
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What is Venetian Plaster? and why to use it.

If you like the idea of a bespoke finish, this is the finish for you.

I get this question a lot when I specify this product. Many people associate venetian plaster with the high gloss marble look walls that are seen around the world, this is still an option! But venetian plaster is now seen as a surface design which can be anything from a textured lime wall to the teal and pink explosion. It’s so versatile and bespoke that pretty much anything goes.

 Traditionally the finish is created using a mixture of marble, granite and lime dust. With the industry expanding into more of a surface design effect the mixes are changing. Clay based plaster holds the colour better and slate lime putty is used for those high gloss effects.

The range of designs encourages us to be innovative with the design choices. From metallics to highly textured finishes you can create a space that shouts your personality or that appreciates the age of the property and helps bring some old features back to life.

Why use it? I hear you ask. Well, it’s basically a piece of art. Yes you can buy wallpaper that creates a feature wall. But when it comes to venetian plaster it’s not just about the design, its also about the plasterer who is applying it. It’s a learnt skill and there are courses available. Some plasterers are employed due to the way they apply their designs. Take a look at a rennovation project we finished, its a great example of a finish with movement, it also has a metalic glow –

So, if you are thinking of getting this finish in your home, office, restaurant etc. Make sure you find a rated and trained plasterer!

For more information and inspiration check out Nova colours site.

Also if you’re interested in doing a course or having a nosey at samples get yourselves to Stucco Stucco in Wakefield.

Fusia Pink plaster with movement. Applied by
Olive green plaster with gold overlay. Applied by
Textured plaster with stripes coming through from behind. Applied by
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Interior Design Trends for 2032

Trends are great, but when it comes to your home you also want your interiors to last the test of time.

This year natural stone slabs are a big deal. And lets be honest, they’ve been a big thing for a few years now so bringing this into your home would be a good move. Natural stone is such a beautiful versatile material. Every piece is unique, so no matter the colour of your kitchen you’ll always find a slab to match! its not just for the work tops, get it up your walls and around your islands. It’s stunning stuff.

When it comes to colours think nature. Earth tones such as greens, blues and browns. You’ll also notice a lot of folklore patterns. Linwood Fabrics have recently released their new fabric collection small prints which is a stunning collection of printed linen.

The enclosed living areas have now come back around. People are now moving back to having their kitchens separate to their lounge. And I must admit. After spending Christmas at a house that was open plan I couldn’t wait to get home to sit in my lounge whilst the kids made a ruckus in the kitchen! like most parents…I needed a bit of alone time!

I am soooo excited to hear that stripes are on the rise. You can be bold with stripes by going for a statement wall. Or add a stripe through your soft finishes.

Gold is apparently back forever! you can add touches of gold throughout your home by introducing items such as handles and lighting. A quick easy way to give your kitchen a face lift is by changing your handles! give it a go.

So there’s a little list for you to get going. But always remember. your house is your home. Don’t loose YOU.

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Bespoke Furniture Design

Working closely with our clients means we can produce designs that offer an answer to their needs.

After a site visit we produce working drawings for joiners to build from. Working closely with a team of joiners means we can answer any questions and discuss the designs to ensure the fit and design works for the space.

We love a challenge! And these angles were definitely one!

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Christmas Craft Events

I am excited to announce that I’ll be opening the studio doors for an evening of Christmas Crafting! There will be step-by-step tutorials to make your own origami stars and Christmas trees!

Not only that but Mulled Wine, Festive Nibbles, and of course Christmas Music.

You’ll also have the chance to check out the studio and get inspired.

Who will be there!?

If you’d like to come along please use the link below to book on.

Look Forward to seeing you.

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Flooring Design

The floor is now down at the East Ardsley project! And it looks great – the chevron pattern has helped the room feel bigger. It’s a narrow room so it’s great to see that this pattern and colour has helped widen the space.

Your choice of flooring can make a hug difference to a room and make it feel bigger, cosier, lighter, warmer etc. Every aspect of design is carefully considered to make the most of your space.

Next stage window dressing and lighting!